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Breaking Point Escape room headcase game image
Escape Room 2023 Golden Lock Award


Private Escape Room Your group will have the game to yourselves. No strangers will join your game.

Game Time: 75 min.
Players: 3 - 8
Age: 13+
Genre: Dark Adventure
Features: Theatric Lighting | Interactive Video | Fog | Crawl Spaces
Price: $45 per person

Two years after the failed mission to save Patient 17, Dr. Levins continues to elude capture and experiment on unsuspecting women. New information suggests that Dr. Levins has developed a cure. Can you save the captured patients and retrieve the cure? Or will you lose your head?

- IMPORTANT - Headcase is a continuation of the story of our previous game, Patient 17. The game remains in the same physical footprint of Patient 17, but the storyline, puzzles, and features in the game are 100% new. Players who have experienced Patient 17 should note that while some of the environment may feel familiar, all puzzles and props are entirely new, and there are plenty of very exciting upgrades and surprises to experience!


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